Over Anna

I am a master student in biomedical sciences in Utrecht. I’m italian and unfortunately I speak very little dutch.
I enjoy spending my time with animals not only cuddling and playing but also training and exercising. I am motivated and I had difference experiences with dogs and cats. I previously dog sitted in Maastricht using this platform and I had an amazing experience. I sitted 2 dogs, 2 cats and I had the possibility to have my first "professional" experience also taking care of a very energetic puppy.

I grew up in close contact with dogs and I love having them around. I have a cat back home which is really sweet, I had it for 7 years now and I love being back home with him. During summer I have the possibility to spend time with three dogs (golden retriever, rottweiler and german shepherd) that now I know quite well.

Unfortunately I cannot host dogsovernight in my place because I live in room with other students but I can flexibly go to the owner's place. I am also happy to update you about how the pet is doing!
Moreover, for day care I am only available during the weekend!! As I’m studying, I’m available for dog wlaks either early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

I am sure I could be a perfect dog sitter for your dog in Utrecht :) friendly, active and severe when needed.
I love spending time with animals and I love taking care of dogs. I like to walk them in parks and forests, play with them when possible and I love cuddling them when needed!

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  • Gisella

    Anna took care of our dog very well during our visit to the museum.

    27e Januari 2019

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