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Over Alexandra

Hello! I am Alex from the US, and have been in the Netherlands for 2 years now. I have grown up with animals my whole life, first with 4 cats, then with a dog named Scarlett that I love dearly. She is now 9 years old and unfortunately in the US, but I regularly visit and plan on bringing her over here soon.

I am currently doing a Masters in Animal Behavior at Utrecht University and plan on going to veterinary school after. I am interested in behavioral sciences, especially in animals. I love to train my dog ​​and stimulate her in all sorts of ways, mental and physical. I have worked with all sorts of animals throughout my life, including dogs, cats, horses, goats, cows, primates, birds, hedgehogs, fish, insects, and of course humans. I have always loved animals, and growing up in Texas, have been exposed to exotic animals as well.

I live in an apartment in Utrecht Lunetten, so it is a bit more difficult to stay overnight. I would prefer to go to your pet's residence, as it would probably be more comfortable for them. I have years of experience walking dogs, and I am a nature-fan, so I know good places around Utrecht to walk your dog. Near my apartment there is a large park (Amelisweerd) where I would love to walk your dog. Working with animals my whole life, I know the emotions of animals well, so I can cater to their needs if they are thirsty, hungry, sleepy, anxious, bored or angry. I am generally good at reading their moods to create the best experience for the animal and myself.

I currently am not taking classes and have a quite flexible schedule, so I am able to prioritize your pet's needs. I have experience working in a dog cognition lab, so as a courtesy I can also teach them some fun tricks and mentally stimulate them if they like :) Please let me know if you have any questions before I care for your pet. I treat my pets like my children, so I understand you want your pet to be in the best hands :)

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