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Over Ive

Hello there,

My name is Ive, I am a French student living in Utrecht.

Since I was a kid, you would always find me with an animal dogs, cats, horses or other.
This passion is the reason why I have decided to dedicate my life to animals, and study a master in Animal Behaviour.
I did had the chance to own animals when I was younger, however because of traveling for my studies and living in small apartments I haven't been able to have my own dog or cat for a long time.

This is why, I would be really happy taking care of your dogs, by walking and/or running with the as well as playing and cuddling of course.

Concerning dog sitting/day care, I can only do it at your home (as my place is too small and dogs are not allowed). For those, I am happy to take care of the water the plants, take the mail etc.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me

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  • Tanja

    For sure I recommend Ive! She is nice, gentle, trustworthy and my Labrador loves her.

    14e November 2018

  • Saskia

    Ive is a very attentive and pleasant person. Our bordercollie Sam loves to go walking with her. She responds quickly and is always on time. So I would recommend her to everybody!

    12e November 2018

  • Colette

    Ive is a very pleasant person and Saartje had a lot of fun with her on her walk.

    30e September 2018

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