Over Marta

My name is Marta, I am 22 years old and I do my master studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I love animals since I was a child, I must admit that dogs are my favourite. I always dreamed about my own dog, but unfortunately I could not have it. My first animal was black and white hooded rat. Later I took in a street cat.

Spending time with animals makes me happy and gives me a lot of joy. I love to walk dogs that belong to my friends and family and I do it whenever I have the chance. Here in Rotterdam that would be a perfect break from studying.

Currently I live in a student house and I am not allowed to have animals in my apartment but of course I can spend time and play with them outside or in your place. As a petsitter I have already taken care of 3 cats and one dog. If you decide to let me take care of your dog, you can be sure that it will be in good hands.

On my photos you can see me walking my neighbour's dog Eliot and one that I was petsitting in Rotterdam, me with two stray puppies that I met in Myanmar and me in a café where you can spend time with dogs in Bangkok (I couldn't miss that). There is also a photo that I took in my nearest park (Kralingse Bos) where I can go for walks.

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  • Ayda

    Lange wandeling, goede zorg voor het hondje en kreeg leuke foto's

    17e December 2018

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