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Over Nadja

Hi there PAWrents,

my name is Nadja and I am dog mom. I am also a dog photographer who is crazy in love with each and every doggo out there.

I can’t help but smile and take photos every time I meet a doggo. Since I was a kid I had huge passion and love for animals. I have got my first fluffy family member when I was 13 and since then I have realised that my life was going to be about dogs. That is why now I work as a dog photographer and capture some nice moments a doggo and his/her human share together.

Since moving to the Netherlands a year and a half ago we have adopted a baby girl French bulldog who brightens up every single day of our life. She is very kind, social and loving girl who loves to meet new dog friends and humans any day any time. So if you want your pet to have a great time, my Frenchie and I will do our best to make it happen 24/7.

I live in a house with a huge fenced garden. We have several parks and leash-off areas around the corner which is ideal for not only a doggo but also a human because I love taking nice long walks several times a day and play in our garden inbetween.

I am very flexible since I am in charge of my own schedule, that is why I will always be there taking care and looking after your furry family member (literally 24/7).

I am very excited to meet your doggo, give him/her some belly rubs. I am also pretty sure I will take some cute photos of them while they are having good times.

I am fluent in English and Russian and currently learning Dutch, so I can understand it now but speaking is still a bit hard for me, but I am pretty sure it won’t be a problem for your four-legged family member :) (P.S. I know all the commands for tricks in Dutch)

Feel free to contact me any time and I will make sure that your doggo will feel like home far from home and you won’t have to worry about him or her.

Warm regards,
Nadja Lemak

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