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Hello! My name is Angie Bedoya and I am an international student who likes long walks AND who is a better walk companion than a dog? I am very passionate when it comes to animals, especially dogs. I have 14 years of experience. I am the owner of three dogs but sadly they had to stay back at my home country. I miss them very much which is one of the reasons why I decided to start offering this service. Back in my hometown, I also used to take care for my neighbours' dogs every time they traveled. I love taking care of dogs. Due to the fact that I am living in a student apartment, I can only offer the service of dog walking. You may be afraid to trust a complete stranger with the most important member of your family but I promise to treat your dog as it is my own. I am punctual and I have a strong sense of responsibility. I can speak English, Spanish and Dutch. I am at your service! :)

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  • Romy

    Angie is een spontane, gezellige meid die heel goed met honden om kan gaan. Mijn eigen hond kan niet met andere honden overweg en hier speelde zij heel goed op in!

    26e Juli 2018

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