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Hello, my fellow dog lovers!
My name is Rae, I'm 21 years old and I've just moved to the Netherlands from a small island in the Caribbean called Aruba. As you can imagine, that is quite a long plane ride away from my doggo back home, and it hurts my heart every day that I'm gone. I've loved dogs since I could speak, but I was never allowed to actually get one. I got my first dog, Fire, when I was 12, and she was a small pupper I found on the street with my best friend at the time. She was covered in oil, ticks and fleas. We snuck her into my house and gave cleaned her up, and my parents just had to let me keep her at that point. I loved her so much, but unfortunately she passed away because of a hit-and-run.
The doggo I have now is also a "mutt", and he's almost 10 years old. His name is Waffle, and I miss him all the time. As I live in a student house, it is not possible for me to keep dogs in my home. I hope you choose me to be your next doggo walker. <3

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