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Hi dog lovers!😁🐶My name is Teddy and I'm here to help all pet lovers in Rotterdam with different kinds of services like walking your beloved pets when you're too busy or you just don't have the energy for a walk and petsitting them when you're out of your place but you need someone trusted to take care of your lovely pet/s.
I've had a various experience with almost every type of dogs. I've been a volunteer in a dog shelter for 4 years in my hometown and can say that I have a long history of taking care of dogs and most importantly - loving them! I also have had experience with petsitting many types of pets - dogs, cats, hamsters, bunnies,birds and fish. I believe that when you do something you have to be really passionate about it and that is why I chose this job.
Are you ready to experience the best petsitting and walking in Rotterdam? Don't hesitate to connect with me and let your pet enjoy a nice walk and lovely petsitting.

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  • Muyun, hondenoppas in Rotterdam

    Teo is very a caring and understanding sitter, she was on time and even checked out our area before she came so she is familiar with the neighborhood. I would highly recommend her!

    20e September 2018

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