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Over Elysia

Hello! My name is Elysia.
I am a passionate doggy lover of both fluffy small and big dogs. My passion for nature and the outdoors brings me to always be active whether it’s running around the park or in the forest or simply a quiet relaxing walk and some play time. We offer a beautiful, cozy and dog friendly apartment in Noord Rotterdam.
I work and study part time so I have time with the dog morning noon and night. I love to cuddle up on the couch and make sure they are clean and comfortable in my living space. I understand that some need their space as it is sometimes harder for some dogs to be away from their owners. For this reason i offer a lot of love, gentle touch, treats and games to keep them busy and entertained. There are 3 parcs right around the corner from our place and we both have cars and enjoy going to the forest and beach. We are two at home and we both love dogs and we consider ourselves a ‘pack’ when we are all together. Our dream is to own a dog of our own one day, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but until then, we care for doggies.

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