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Over Sophie

I'm Sophie, your new dogsitter!

I have lived around animals all my life (cats, dogs, farm animals...) I recently moved to The Netherlands and thus have a lot of free time and a spacious second floor duplex close to several parks and forests in Rijswijk. I'd love to take care of your pet to whilst you are at work or on holiday. I have owned all sizes of dogs, from the Beauceron or the Rottweiler to the Toy Poodle and have experience with rescues. I will give your dog all the love and care he needs, he will feel safe and loved!

If your dog is full of energy, we will go for long walks in one of the parks or forests around my home. I can also come and walk your dog when you are at work. I have have two pets on my own: a very friendly puppy who loves social interactions with other animals (cats, dogs, deer ...) and a cat who's very calm and fine with dogs.

Since my own dog is still very young, my home is "puppy proof" and your puppy will have a friend to play with and socialize. Cléo loves meeting new friends! If your dog isn't too fond of cats, it won't be a problem since my cat has his own room upstairs, they won't have to meet.

PS : I speak English and French, I do understand Dutch.

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  • Randy

    Great Sitter! Keeps us in the loop, sharing pictures and updating us while we are on our holiday. Our dog is a traumatized shelter dog and she loves Sophie and her boyfriend, as well as her dog Cloe! Highly recommend her!

    18e Juni 2018

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