For me the best therapist has fur and four legs


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First of all I am happy to welcome you on my profile :)

Some information about me:
I was born and raised in Kassel, Germany.
Since I was a little baby my family had cats and dogs.
We lived near a beautiful park where I often went with my dog to play, chat with other dog owners, learn some new tricks or go and swim.

Last year I moved to Utrecht because of my new job.
I miss being able to care for a dog, hours of cuddling and having fun outside.
But especially the loving feeling that dogs give you when they feel you are caring for them.

I had to leave my best friend back in Germany, but no worries, my family is taking good care of him and I visit now and then :)
But still, there is an emptiness inside of me
and I hope that DogBuddy will give me the chance to fill this emptiness with joy again.

Thanks for reading,
I wish you a wonderful day,

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  • Ferenc

    It was great! Dino accepted her at first sight and, although a bit anxious after I left, later on he got more relaxed and there were no issues at all. I am very happy I could leave him like this, instead of a dog hotel. Thank you, Jasmin!!

    17e November 2018

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