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I love animals (Most dogs). I think animals also love me :). When I spend my time with dogs it's the best time for me and I think also for animals :) because they are happy and they play and running and all of the things that you can find in a happy dog. Also for cats. You can try and see your pet. Most of the people that know me told me I'm like a paracetamol for their pets :D. I have a friend that she adopts a dog from Spain that the dog is so sad when I wanted to visit the dog for the first time unknowing he comes to me and plays with me, that's for her was unbelievable and for me, was proudness. :)). I'm like a hero for you and like a love for your pets. Unfortunately, I don't have any pet because I live in a flat and I don't have any opportunity to adopts a pet, But I had 5 dogs when I lived in my country (I'm a Persian), I can teach to your pet second language, Farsi :D like Tips and Bobble, they learned Farsi and it's cool :)). My relation with big dogs is much better than the other pet, but smalls still are so cute and lovely. In the end, I have a car and I can pick up and drop off your pet.

If you have any question you can text me.

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