Over Emma

Growing up and all of my life I´ve loved dogs, and owned many.
I have run a semi- professional pet sitting service in the U.S.A.
Now living here in Holland, I have no dogs of my own, and I am always looking for an opportunity to be able to love on and care for any dogs around.

My home is open and cozy for any pups around. Big or small, I am not exclusive.
There is a large FENCED dog area a few steps from my home, where your pup can run around and play with others. There is also several large parks around for nice walks.

I work from home, and am always around if your pup needs extra attention, or doesnt like to be alone.
I have no other pets in my home.

Dogs in my home will be loved, and cared for as if they never left YOUR house!

Any special requests, or requirments for your dog? - no problem!

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