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Everyone who barely knows me knows that I adore dogs. Maybe even to an annoying extent for the people that spend a lot of time with me. I will sometimes interrupt conversations to point out a particularly good dog (hint: all of them) and have been known to be late to a meeting because someone with a cute doggy in a basket on their bike was in front of me and I got so distracted by the dog that I rode the wrong way. I have visited friends of mine purely to meet and cuddle with their dogs, you get the idea. The only catch is that I'm allergic, so at the moment it is not possible to have my own pooch whom I can shower with love and affection. The allergy medicine that I have is good enough, but I don't want to take pills every day and I want to make sure that I can provide the best life for my potential best friend. This is why I'm looking for other people's dogs to walk and cuddle with. I can assure you that your dog will get 100% attention from me and we'll go for lovely walks in parks and other places your dog will adore. I'm looking forward to seeing you(r dog)!

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