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Over James

I have grown up and been around dogs my whole life.

I understand dogs and have never met one I don't or cannot get on with.
I'm confident that I can look after your best friends to a high level where I ensure they get an enjoyable walk every time.

A little biography of the dogs i've had in my life:
The first one I looked after was Monty who was a beautiful Springer Spaniel and required a lot of exercise. His owner lived on a farm in a very remote village so usually took him out twice a day.

I also looked after my managers dog (Edgar - short haired German Pointer) both whilst she was on holiday and took him out everyday for a walk basically because he was a great companion and pretty much treated him as my own.

More recently I lived with 2 staffies who were high energy (as you would expect) so I took them running with me and they would wait outside my room at 6am everyday with their leads (made me laugh so much that they did this). One of them (duke) used to sneak into my room and tuck himself into my bed when I left the door open - so much character!

Finally the dogs in the photos are Hudson and River. Full of energy (unless it's raining) they belong to my landlord but I frequently look after them whilst he is at work.
I cannot offer accommodation for daycare etc as it's not fair on them but can discuss looking after your dogs at your homes on top of walks.

In short - I love all animals (particularly dogs) and I look forwards to meeting yours!

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  • Nicky

    Great guy, great vibe, my dag and i both instantly felt comfortable with james - next time i will definateky try booking janes agajn!

    2e December 2018

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