Over Karen

I am passionate dog and cat lover and have had animals my entire life. I am very hands on and a work at home person. My two dogs are welcoming and playful and there is always room for one more. I live in a safe, dog friendly neighborhood. We walk at least 3 times and day. If you dog has any special needs those can also be accommodated. I live in an apartment and cannot take dogs over 40lbs.

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  • Terugkerende klanten: 1
  • Voltooide boekingen: 9
  • Antwoordpercentage: 97%
  • Antwoordsnelheid: binnen een paar uur
  • Annuleringsbeleid voor overnachting bij oppas thuis: Flexibel
  • Annuleringsbeleid voor andere services: Flexibel
Als je speciale tijdgerelateerde wensen hebt, laat het Karen dan even weten.
Voorkeurstijden voor Overnachting
Brengen vanaf 08:00
Ophalen voor 18:00
Voorkeurstijden voor Dagopvang Hond
Brengen vanaf 07:00
Ophalen voor 19:00
  • Soort woning: Appartement
  • Wonen er al honden: Twee
  • Andere Huisdieren: dog friendly cat
  • Gretchen

    Our dog Fleur stayed with Karen for 2 nights. It was all very last minute and she was very responsive to our request (I submitted our request in the morning for a stay starting the same evening!). She talked through Fleur’s routine, likes, etc...texted with follow up, and Fleur seemed to enjoy her stay very much...Karen has 2 sweet dogs and a very chill cat and Fleur came back to us a very happy dog! Thanks, Karen!

    26e Oktober 2018
    Karen, hondenoppas in Den Haag

    Fleur was such a joy. Her smiling face was so sweet and she has such a nice nature. She fit in very well. She is always welcome.

    26e Oktober 2018

  • Veronique

    Karen is amazing! I have a very difficult dog, but Karen manager to make Nichi behave. My dog just loved going to Karen. I could tell by her enthousiasm. I really recomand this place!

    21e September 2018
    Karen, hondenoppas in Den Haag

    NIchi is always welcome. :)

    21e September 2018

  • Kim

    Karen took real good care of our dog. He needed some time to get used her and the situation, and she was very patient. Her other pets are as welcoming as she is. We will definitely come back to Karen in the future

    5e September 2018

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