Over Camilla

I'm a born dog lover! I've grown up with dogs and already cared for them at a young age. I also started to dog sit some of the dogs in my little hometown. There wasn't a dog I didn't know or didn't know me!
After our first two dogs in the family, we took one out of an animal shelter and he became my best friend for the few years he had left. Still crying over him sometimes - never had I seen such a wonderful living being (last photo)!
In the first photo you can see me play with the 3 Great Danes of a friend of mine, we used to go for a walk together, or I dog sitted them.
The second dog stayed with me for a week and the owners stated he looked much better after that. ;)
I live close to the forest bust also have a big garden to play freely.

Hope to find many new furry friends!

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Als je speciale tijdgerelateerde wensen hebt, laat het Camilla dan even weten.
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