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👩🏼: I moved to Amsterdam to get a Research Master's degree at UvA 8 months ago and had to leave my dog in my country (Slovenia) with my family (that treats him like a king). :) I miss him terribly!

🐕: My first dog, an Irish Setter called Kira, was a total angel. She listened to every command, she was kind toward other dogs and people and was never problematic. My second dog, the Hungarian Vizsla that you can see on the photos, is the opposite story. His name is Amor and he comes from an aggressive blood line, as we were told by a "Slovenian Cesar Millan". He is behaving like an angel at home, but not always so outside. So with time I learned how to deal with alpha male temper and avoid uncomfortable situations with other dogs or people as well as how to train him in the best way possible.

🐶📚: Therefore I have experience with both female and male dogs, large breeds, especially those that are very active, hunters, better and worse listeners, more and less aggressive ones.

🏠: My landlords don't allow me to keep animals at home, but I would gladly walk your dog or babysit it at your place, if that was an option for you.

❤️: Think of it as a symbiosis! You get a devoted, loving dog walker, whose focus is on the dog and nothing else and I get to feel better about not being able to see my dog for a while! :)

🌐 Languages: Slovenian, English, Croatian, a bit of Dutch and a bit of Spanish

📷 What I can do: Keep you updated with cute photo material!

⭐️I live between Vondelpark and Sarphatipark
⭐️I am used to going on two 1-1,5 h walks and few shorter walks per day

IMPORTANT: A walk is anything between 30 minutes and 1,5 hours for a more active dog. Anything above that is (price-wise) considered day care.

Dog experience via DogBuddy:
- 8.11.2018 - Jack
- 7.11. 2018 - Moosje
- 30.10.2018 - Drake
- 22.10.2018 - Moosje
- 10.10.2018 - Sammie
- 8.10.2018 - Moosje

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  • Terugkerende klanten: 1
  • Voltooide boekingen: 7
  • Antwoordpercentage: 70%
  • Antwoordsnelheid: binnen een paar uur
  • Annuleringsbeleid voor overnachting bij oppas thuis: Flexibel
  • Annuleringsbeleid voor andere services: Flexibel
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Brengen vanaf 06:00
Ophalen voor 23:00
  • Soort woning: Appartement
  • Wonen er al honden: Één
  • Andere Huisdieren: cats
  • Ik kan orale medicatie toedienen
  • Alexia

    Spela is great, such a warm and friendly young girl. She took great care of my dog, highly recommend her, hope to see her soon

    13e December 2018

  • Martijn

    Spela was awesome! Our dog Jack loved her, and she was awesome in her communication. She even came over a day before the walk to meet. Highly recommended!

    8e November 2018

  • Jeanine

    Super lief en een echt hondenliefhebster. Moosje was helemaal blij en voldaan toen ze terugwees. Ik was er erg blij mee!

    9e Oktober 2018

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