Over Felicia

My name is Felicia Savelberg and I have a real passion for animals, specifically dogs! I'm 23 years old and live together with my twin sister in a 100m2 apartment in Amsterdam West, very close to Central Station and Westerpark. We speak both English and Dutch fluently.

Since I was a little girl, I have always had a real love for dogs, so when we were 5 years old our parents finally fulfilled our dream and got us a puppy! Her name was Belen (the little black dog in the photos), and she was the absolute love of our lives. We got to have the most amazing 16 years with her and took us all around the world with us (we moved around the world quite a bit, in Spain, the US, and the Netherlands). Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to her last year (Summer 2017) and there has been a doggy shaped hole in our hearts ever since. Thankfully, we had a roommate that also had a dog (the golden retriever in the photos). We got to take care of her for a year as well :) Our roommate has recently moved out and so we are looking to help pet owners who need someone to look after their dogs, and because we miss having a flufball around of course!

We usually take the dogs out 3 times a day, including one nice long walk (1-1.5hours) so they can run around and get enough exercise and sniff around :) if your dog has other walking needs of course please let me know. Other than that we’ll just keep them company and give them lots of love and attention!

I work in Zandvoort mon-fri and get there by train, and if your pets are comfortable with it (and yourself of course) I would love to take them to work with me. It's a cozy office ,right by the beach, that's used to having dogs around :) My working hours are 9:30am till 5:30pm. My sister works at a hotel in Amsterdam and we often have the opposite work schedules in which she works in the afternoon (from 3pm till 11pm). Due to this, someone is usually always at home when the other isn’t :)

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  • Simon

    Felicia and her twin Valentine took great care of our puppy, sending us photos and videos of how he was getting on so that we could feel comfortable on our weekend away. I would highly recommend Felicia to anyone who needs their dog looked after.

    28e Januari 2019

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