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I have had dogs of all kinds and sizes growing up. I have now my dog Ace (Cocker Spaniel) which he is three years old. I was the one who cared for him took him to the vet and did all the necessities to him without my parents being involved and as much as that gave me experience with dogs it gave me the feeling of knowing that no matter what... you know that this lovely creature will be there for you, and when I realized that I knew how much love and respect dogs deserve because they always give it back. This has lead me to know more and more about dogs, their lifestyle, hygiene, food, vaccines that are needed and most of all I understand how to treat them well. I also know how much outdoor time they should have and when not to overtire them or overfeed them as this is very important in a dog's life. To conclude I just would like to say that I'm someone who would care for your dog and look after them very well.

Hope I made a good impression and hope to prove it :)

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