Over Lisa

My name is Lisa, I am a 20-year-old student at the VU, and I am originally from Luxembourg. We don’t have a lot of classes, so I have a lot of free time to be there for your pets.

At home, my family has 1 dog and 1 cat and all my aunts and uncles have at least 1 animal at home. So I've been surrounded by animals of all sorts since I was a little girl. As a result, I am a big animal lover and I really miss taking care of dogs and cats here in Amsterdam. So, in order to have some contact with animals, I've decided to become a pet sitter.

I used to walk the dogs from my local animal shelter, so I have good expertise in that area. I live near Rembrandtpark, so your dogs will be able to go for long walks every day! I can take care of your dogs and cats, wether it is home visits or welcoming your fur babies in my home.

If your animals will stay at my home, I will be present at all times, and will take the greatest care of them! I don’t have any other animals staying with me, so if your pet prefers being alone then they will feet at ease here.

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  • Terugkerende klanten: 1
  • Voltooide boekingen: 9
  • Antwoordpercentage: 95%
  • Antwoordsnelheid: binnen een paar uur
  • Annuleringsbeleid voor overnachting bij oppas thuis: Flexibel
  • Annuleringsbeleid voor andere services: Flexibel
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  • Soort woning: Appartement
  • Wonen er al honden: 0
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  • Emelie

    Lisa was very nice and flexible!

    22e Januari 2019

  • Lauren

    Lisa kept me updated with pictures of my dog's day and how he was doing. Pup seemed happy!

    9e Januari 2019

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