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I am a recent expat in Amsterdam that is looking to take your dogs on long walks while you're busy at work! I have had dogs in my life since I was a child and I don't want that to stop now that I've moved "across the pond" to complete my Master's Degree. Due to my studies I've been unable to have a dog of my own, however I keep dogs in my life by loving and taking care of others dogs as if they were my own. I understand that each dog is unique and requires different care, so I will be sure to take the very best care of your dog as I walk them throughout Amsterdam. Because I am a student my schedule is quite flexible, meaning I can cater to your schedule. There is no dog too large or small for me, I have taken care of dogs ranging in size from, St. Bernards (60-120 kg) to Chihuahuas (1.5-3 kg).
I am happy to provide references from previous owners that I have dog sat for :)

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