Over Natalia

Hello, lucky dog owner! I am Natalia, I'm 21 years old and I live with my best friend Natalie. We are students of Hotelschool The Hague and we are the biggest animal lovers that the world has seen! We study hospitality and how to take care of people and create a great experience for them, that is why we will take the best care of your dog!
Before I moved to Amsterdam, I lived with animals my whole life.
At my family home I have 2 dogs, labrador retriever and a hunting dog, and 3 cats.
We live in a bright apartment on the Cabotstraat with a small, but very lovely garden. Moreover, we are very close to the Rembrandtpark and Erasmuspark.
We are often home and we would love to take care of your dog!

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  • Voltooide boekingen: 3
  • Antwoordpercentage: 74%
  • Antwoordsnelheid: binnen een paar uur
  • Annuleringsbeleid voor overnachting bij oppas thuis: Flexibel
  • Annuleringsbeleid voor andere services: Flexibel
Als je speciale tijdgerelateerde wensen hebt, laat het Natalia dan even weten.
Voorkeurstijden voor Overnachting
Brengen vanaf 16:00
Ophalen voor 12:00
Voorkeurstijden voor Dagopvang Hond
Brengen vanaf 09:00
Ophalen voor 20:00
  • Soort woning: Appartement
  • Wonen er al honden: 0
  • Buitenruimte: Tuin, Terras/Binnenplaats
  • Lorenzo

    Great experience!

    10e September 2018

  • Jose

    Natalia was great, very communicative and flexible for the pick up and drop off. She loved Cuba and Cuba loved her back! I won't hesitate to leave Cuba with Natalia again!

    2e September 2018

  • Ylann

    Natalia was an excellent and caring sitter. During the 3 days our dog spent with Natalia, she wasn’t feeling so well, but Natalia took great care of her for which we’re very grateful.

    3e Mei 2018

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