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Hi everyone! I'm a 27 year old MSc student of social policy at the University of Amsterdam, and I graduated in 2013 with a philosophy degree from Cambridge. I'm originally from London but I also lived in Sydney for a year in 2014/15. I'm living near to Mercatorplein, and really enjoying all that the city has to offer. My apartment is a 2 minute walk from Erasmus park, and a 5 minute walk from Rembrandt park. I speak English, intermediate French, and I'm learning Dutch.

I like cooking, yoga, traveling, and animals. My family has always had dogs when I was growing up, from Kings Charles spaniels to Dobermans, so I'm familiar with (and love) dogs of many different sizes and temperaments. At the moment they have an Irish water spaniel called Billy and a Tibetan terrier called Delilah, who I walk and petsit regularly. I have two cats in London, a British blue shorthair called Lilith, and a Siberian called Mishki, who live with my boyfriend at the moment. When our housing situation in London allows for it, we are planning to adopt a dog from a local shelter. I'm here for a year and would love to make as many four legged friends as possible!

As a student I have a flexible timetable with a lot of free time in the day, so if you are looking for a flexible, reliable dog and cat lover to walk and pamper your beloved pets, get in contact. I'm happy to come to you and walk or petsit multiple animals of many shapes and sizes, or keep them at mine during the day. I will send photos and updates of your pet throughout our time together. I look forward to meeting you and your lovely animals!

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  • Stacy

    Ophelia did a fantastic job for us. She cared for our large dog in our home for over a week. When we returned, our dog was in great condition and the house was very clean and tidy. She was very responsible and we will definitely call her again. She kept us updated through our absence to a good degree. I would happily recommend her to anyone interested .

    28e Oktober 2018

  • Iset

    She clearly loves dogs and is a great dog sitter!!! Happy to go to work and know Wallace has a great time

    12e Oktober 2018

  • Neal

    Ophelia has an excellent understanding of dogs. Alba is always relaxed and happy when she has been with her.

    8e September 2018

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