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I'm Vivianne, I'm Portuguese and I'm a master student at UvA. I did my bachelor in International Relations in Brazil and worked with refugees before coming here. My accommodation is a 20min walk to Oosterpark qnd Martin Luther King Park and a 2min walk to Sumerlost park.

I can't remember a time of my life where I wasn't surrounded by dogs. My mom has a NGO in Brazil that helps abandoned pets and rescue mistreated dogs and cats. That made me learn how to take care of dogs, even the ones with special needs, how to give them proper baths, to be observant of their health and just make them feel more comfortable and happy. I have myself a 5 year old schnauzer, which is the love of my life, but I feel I have a lot more love to give towards other dogs!

As a student that does not have a part-time job, I have a malleable timetable with a lot of free time during the day and evening, so if you are looking for a flexible, reliable dog lover to walk and pamper your beloved pets, get in contact. I'm happy to come to you and walk or petsit multiple animals of many shapes and sizes. I will send photos and updates of your pet throughout our time together. I look forward to meeting you and your lovely animals!

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