Over Andres

Hola! I am an artist from Barcelona, living in Amsterdam Noord. When I was young growing up we had pets all the time. Dogs, cats, turtles, rabbits, guinee pigs, hamsters.. and loved playing with them and looking after them

I easily make friends with animals and they always like me. I can walk your dog, feed them, come over to keep them company once or twice a day when you are on holiday etc

I can come to your home to feed them, I will keep you updated with pictures etc if you like. The food I give your pet will be done entirely according to your instructions. I love dogs and cats and enjoy walking & playing with them. The walks would vary from 20 - 50 minutes depending on the dog and his/her needs. As for home visits I would stay about 25 minutes. I am open to being flexible depending on the dogs needs and owners wishes.

I am an artist and my atelier is in Amsterdam Noord. I have time to look after your pet during "office hours" during the week as well as many evenings and weekends. If you like I can also take care of your plants.

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  • Martijn

    Great walker (and great artist). An animal lover that i gladly trust Frostty to again

    17e November 2018
    Andres, hondenoppas in Amsterdam

    Thank you for your kind comments. It was such a nice experience walking Frostty. It is the most adorable young Beaggle. We had a lot of fun.

    17e November 2018

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