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Over Dean

Services Offered:

Dog Walking.
Pet Visits not just Dogs.
Pet Sitting at Your own home.
Animal Care and Husbandry Advice.
Emergency Visits.

Pastoral visits to Sick and Injured animals, or for your kids to meet and become familiar with dogs prior to you purchasing your own buddy.
So if your at work all day, have the dreaded Last minute meeting or presentation which clashes with your pets needs, or simply need a time out from a puppy or sick animal to decompress or invest in another relationship by having a date night or go for a meal or the movies I can help.

I am familiar with the city, it's laws and traffic, my girls are registered with the Vondel Park Vets and are regular visitors to have their Pet Passports Updated with the health care requirements for visiting the UK.

Because I travel between the UK and NL, I can not offer at this time regular spots, I am looking to cover those occasions when you have lost all other choices.

Who Am I, What Am I, Why

My name is Dean Wagstaff, I am a retired Military and Police Officer from the UK. Having Served in the Royal Navy, Military Intelligence and the Police Service. I have retired at the early age of a young 50. Having travelled the world in all those roles I am very happy working to short time limits and have a wealth of communication skills honed over the years in all these roles.

My life currently takes me back an forth between the UK and Netherlands and as I am not looking for full time long term employment in my retirement I do however realise I need to keep the brain ticking over.

I am based in Oud Zuid, within easy bike range of the whole city of Amsterdam and either have my own cycle for timely arrival at a clients house or a pet friendly cargo bike should I need to transport your best friend somewhere for you.

Why a pet friendly cargo bike? Well mine is a converted ice cream bike, made to transport my two British Labradors Frankie age 1 and Georgie age 3 around the city.

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  • Antwoordpercentage: 100%
  • Antwoordsnelheid: binnen een paar uur
  • Annuleringsbeleid voor alle services: Flexibel
Als je speciale tijdgerelateerde wensen hebt, laat het Dean dan even weten.
  • Soort woning: Appartement
  • Wonen er al honden: Twee
  • Buitenruimte: Balkon
  • Ik heb een auto voor noodgevallen
  • Hondenreanimatie-/EHBO-gecertificeerd
  • Ik kan orale medicatie toedienen
  • Ik kan medicatie via injectie toedienen
Alle DogBuddy-boekingen zijn inclusief:
  • Toegewijde service & annuleringsbescherming
  • Tot € 2 mln. aan publieke aansprakelijkheidsverzekering
  • Gratis GPS-gevolgde wandelingen
  • Foto- & Video-updates