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Over Lisa

I am a french girl, now living in Amsterdam for three years, I speak french, english, spanish and a bit of dutch!

I truly love dogs and have always enjoyed their presence and surround myself with dogs! Back at home I would dogsit dogs from my neighbourhood, and kept my brother's dogs any chance I got!!

Now that I moved to a big beautiful house in Amsterdam, on the ground floor, a one minute walk away from Rembrantpark, I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to be a sitter for happy, lively and cute dogs within the city!!

I am very enthusiastic, sporty and full of life, a perfect companion for dogs who need a place to relax and who want to enjoy long walks in the park!

My house is spacious and simply furnished, allowing dogs to feel at ease, lastly I also have a fully fenced garden which is safe and pleasant.

I have a lot of experiences with dogs and can be described as a dog person!
I love to be caring of these adorable animals and make sure to treat them with great care and love, pet them as much as they will let me and make sure that their stay with me exceeded their expectations and that of their owners!!

I am very flexible and easy to communicate with and hope to be open and helpful whenever I can!

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