Over Lodovico

Ever since I was young we always used to have pets around the house, from fishes to dogs and guinea pigs. Being born like this brought me to love all animals.
I own a mix between a German Shepard and a red husky since I was 14. We took him from the kennel and gave him a new life. I used to bring him out 3 to 4 times a day since he needed to move a lot. I do not allow him to go on couches or beds nor eating when I eat at the table. He became therefore super polite and of great company. I am young, professional and very flexible. I also dont work as full time and therefore have more time to bring out your lovely pets. Living next to Vondelpark will allow me to make sure your pets will have the best time outside ! Still not convinced ?!
I love being outside, especially wondering around parks. I have a very flexible timetable and I can also host dogs at my house while providing them a great experience.

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